Liberian Community of Greater Cincinnati (LCGC) prays for end to Ebola

The men and women in the Liberian Community of Greater Cincinnati have been praying to end Ebola since the outbreak began earlier this year. Every Saturday evening since the latest Ebola outbreak began, the Liberian Community of Greater Cincinnati has been gathering in North College Hill to pray for Ebola victims in Africa and in the U.S.

Members are praying for health care workers and to find a way to end the deadly crisis. "It’s important that we are unified as a people. It’s important that we educate people about the Ebola disease and come together to do everything we can to pray for our family back home, our friends back home and people here, so we can get past this,” Wisseh Harris said.

For members, the outbreak is very personal and frustrating because they have mothers, fathers, grandchildren, brothers, sisters and friends in Liberia, where the outbreak h
as hit the hardest. According to the CDC, nearly 4,500 people have died of Ebola so far this year. “What they are experiencing there now, though we are not there, we do experience it in our hearts, our minds and in our souls. But then, of course, we want to assure them that we are together as we call upon the Lord,” Father David Howard said.

Members said they were encouraging everyone in the Cincinnati area and back home to educate themselves on the CDC guidelines on how to stay safe.

Story by By Tammy Mutasa of WLWT5 published on Oct 18, 2014 

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