FOLAO Undertakes Rice Project in Liberia For Deserving People

FOLAO sees it as a mandate to contribute to the socio-economic development of Liberia. It even sees it as an obligation to assist its fellow Liberians, especially during crisis. Just recently, the Association sent 230 bags of rice to Liberia to be distributed to Ebola victims. The distribution of the rice will be implemented by at least 5 churches. The churches are located in areas that were known to be highly affected by Ebola. A credit is given to the local chapters of the Association for being very instrumental in insuring that the assignment was sent to Liberia, at least as an initial contribution to assisting Liberian during this Ebola nightmare. Hon. Martin Zeinway, FOLAO Chaplain and President of one of FOLAO's local chapters - the Cleveland Chapter, is the Chairman of the Committee that worked on the shipment of the rice. For more details, please click here to visit FOLAO website