Written by Richard Banto
August 30, 2016 - Cincinnati, Ohio 


During the Liberia’s 169th Independence Day celebration held on July 23, 2016, President Isaac Nyenaweh stated that proceeds from that event will go into what he (Nyenaweh) called “LCGC Back to School” project.
This promise came into realization when LCGC under his leadership launched a “Back to School” picnic for children on August 27, 2016.
According to President Nyenaweh, the event intended to give back to the community as a way to show that his administration is committed to children’s education was a blast. Every child in attendant and even those who were unable to attend received backpacks that contained school supplies.
President Nyenaweh praised his membership as well as sympathizers for their great services and turnout. He said this event as first of its kind should be considered a tremendous step forward to making a difference and positive impacts in the Liberian’s Community in Cincinnati, Ohio. In this regards, president Nyenaweh thanked all contributors, planners, and sympathizers who helped in making this picnic a success. He further extends a special thanks to Jeff Smith on behalf of “School Outfitters” for donating 6 backpacks for LCGC’s raffle draws.
President Nyenaweh noted, LCGC may not have much to offer but his administration is committed to activities which are gear to encourage children to stay in school “this idea is new to us but I see a real opportunity to let children know this association cares about your education”.
LCGC is a non-for-profit organization established in the early 1970s at the Andersons’ home in Cincinnati, Ohio. Its membership consists of Liberians from all walks of life engaged in humanitarian, social, and community development programs that serve Liberians and friends of Liberia in the Greater Cincinnati area and surroundings.
Our objective is to help our members find their feet firmly grounded in a new country, and to help them lead a contented and pleasant life, enriched by new friends, new interests and opportunities by providing extensive productive social and educative programs.
On behalf of the leadership, and board he thanked you once again for your support, and commitment to LCGC.
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