LCGC 2017 General Election Results

Hello LCGC members, friends, and supporters

On behalf of LCGC outgoing leadership team, we would like to thank all candidates, and voting members who participated in the election on Saturday, March 25, 2017. Special thanks to Mr. Roland Freeman, FOLAO representative, for being part and swearing in our newly elected leaders.

The election was very successful and well attended. Please join me in congratulating newly elected officials of the Liberian Community of Greater Cincinnati, for the next two years.

1. Mr. Jankoba Sambola - President 
2. Mrs. Roberta Spears - Vice President 
3. Mr. James Wilson – Financial Secretary 
4. Ms. Kama Quaye - Treasurer
5. Mr. Chris Howard - Board Chair

We are encouraging all members, friends and supporters of LCGC to please support and work with our newly elected leaders. LCGC is our community organization and it will take our time, effort, and resources to move it forward for a better organization.

Your humble servant
Isaac Nyenaweh
LCGC Outgoing Presiden