Happy New Year to all LCGC members & well-wishers

Happy New Year to all LCGC members & well-wishers.

We thank you for your contribution to LCGC in 2017.

We have come a long way & have achieved a lot because of your hard work & commitment to LCGC & our community.

We still have a lot of work to do & we encourage everyone to do more.  This is our thing!

We did achieve our goal of having more than $2500 in our LCGC account.  A lot of people paid their yearly dues in full.   We thank you all.

We had a very successful July 26th program.  Our Board members & Officers were installed at this event.

We also had two successful events for our kids; the Back to School picnic & the Kids’ Christmas party.

Again, thanks for your commitment & hard work, as we look forward to a more successful 2018 & a better future for LCGC.

May God bless us all.  May He also bless LCGC & Liberia!

Jankoba Sambola